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The Accountant General announces the details of an Offer of Rollover to Bondholders of the 62+ MGSB – Issue 2018, to a new 62+ MGSB – Issue 2023.  More information can be found under the News section”


Notification: Covid19 Donation

A fund is being held by the Treasury Department for the monetary donations from all the individuals (outside the Public Administration).  We will be keeping a detailed breakdown of the persons who donate and their donation. These records will be kept for administrative and future audit requirements.  Hence, please indicate the Name, Surname, ID card number or any other Identification number when processing the payment. 
Details are as follows:

Account Number                                           40001EURCMG50684
IBAN                                                              MT86MALT011000040001EURCMG50684 
Account Name                                              PUBLIC DONATIONS COVID-19 ACCOUNT 
Bank BIC/SWIFT code:                                   MALTMTMTXXX​