New Issuance of Malta Government Stock - By Auction - February 2022
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New Issuance of Malta Government Stock - By Auction - February 2022

Updated:  18/02/2022

Malta Government Stock February 2022 (by Auction) – Auction results and allocation announced 

The Treasury announces the  auction results and allocation​ of the Malta Government Stock Issue of February 2022


Pricing Guidelines of Fixed Rate Malta Government Stock 

The Accountant General hereby announces the indicative pricing guidelines expressed in terms of an indicative spread over the corresponding euro mid-swap rate as follows:


Stock Description

Spread over Mid-Swap (MS)

0.90% MGS 2027 (V)

MS +7bps area

1.60% MGS 2032 (III)

MS +47bps area

2.40% MGS 2052 (I)

MS +152bps area


This announcement is issued pursuant to paragraph 7 of the Offering Circular published in the Government Gazette of the 11th February 2022 under Government Notice No. 207.”


The Accountant General announces the issue of €140 million Malta Government Stocks (MGS) subject to an over-allotment option of an additional sum up to a maximum of €100 million. Applications in the form of sealed bids (auction) for a minimum of €500,000 and multiples of €100,000 each, open on Friday 18th February 2022 at 8:30 am and close at noon (CET) of the same day.  

More details can be obtained from the Press Release issued by DOI and the Offering Circular.  The General Prospectus can be downloaded by clicking here.

Bid/Application Form – 0.90% MGS 2027 (V)

Bid/Application Form – 1.60% MGS 2032 (III)

Bid/Application Form – 2.40% MGS 2052 (I)