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Treasury Bills Auction Results



January Feb​ruary
1st Week of January 1st Week of February​​
​​2nd Week of January 2nd Week of February​​
3rd Week of January 3rd Week of February​​
4th Week of January 4th Week of February​​



January February March
1st Week of January 1st Week of February 1st Week of March​
2nd Week of January ​2nd Week of February 2nd Week of March
3rd Week of January 3rd Week of February ​3rd Week of March
​​4th Week of January 4th Week of February​ 4th Week of March
5th Week of March


   To access Treasury Bills Auction Results including bid-analysis for August 2014 to December 2016 click here
   To access Treasury Bills Bid Analysis Pre-August 2014, click here
   To access Treasury Bills Auction Results Pre-August 2014, click here  
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