A Rising Tide: The Benefits of IPSAS to Government Accounting in Malta
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A Rising Tide: The Benefits of IPSAS to Government Accounting in Malta

“The adoption and implementation of IPSAS will revolutionise the current system, from a cash to an accruals-based public sector accounting system based on IPSAS.  Accrual accounting, and in particular IPSAS, will enhance Accountability, Credibility and Transparency, Minister.jpgapart from improving overall decision-making within the public service. They will strengthen public finance management and will have a positive impact on the nation’s reputation with credit rating agencies”
“Of course, these are indeed challenging times for the Maltese Public Service.  Sustaining the present momentum and commitment of public service officials to the change programme ahead, remains a critical and ongoing task.  Nevertheless I am very confident that the flexible approach being adopted by the project management team will minimise the strain on the limited resources available.  I firmly believe that the adoption and implementation of accrual based IPSAS will be the cornerstone for future financial management reforms”
-         Profs. Edward Scicluna, Hon. Minister for Finance
“The introduction of IPSAS is not a standalone project but forms part of a wider financial management reform.  So this Accountant Generalconference should be seen in the light of a much wider context which includes the transition to accrual accounting and the implementation of a Corporate Financial management solution across Government.

The conference aims to serve as a means to raise awareness on what adoption and implementation of IPSAS entails and to further promote the IPSAS Project Board’s strategy across Government departments and Ministries”.
-         Noel Camilleri, Accountant General and Chair of the IPSAS Project Board


         by Michael Zammit Munro - Director, Government Accounts, Treasury
         by Ian Carruthers - IPSASB Member
         by Thomas Müller-Marqués Berger - Head of International Public Sector Accounting - EY
         by ​Katarína Kaszasová - Director General, Ministry of Finance Slovakia
         by Bernhard Schatz - Deputy Head of the Budget Unit, Ministry of Finance, Austria
         by Alexandre Makaronidis - Head of Unit for the EPSAS Task Force, DG Eurostat, European Commission

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IPSAS as adopted by the Maltese Government
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