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Treasury Bills Auction Results


January February March
1st Week of January 1st Week of February 1st Week of March​
2nd Week of January ​2nd Week of February 2nd Week of March
3rd Week of January 3rd Week of February ​3rd Week of March
​​4th Week of January 4th Week of February​ 4th Week of March
5th Week of March
April May June
1st Week of April 1st Week of May 1st Week of June
2nd Week of April 2nd Week of May 2nd Week of June
3rd Week of April 3rd Week of May 3rd Week of June
4th Week of April 4th Week of May 4th Week of June
5th Week of June



July August September
1st Week of July 1st Week of August 1st Week of September
2nd Week of July 2nd Week of August 2nd Week of September
3rd Week of July 3rd Week of August​ 3rd Week of September
4th Week of July 4th Week of August​
5th Week of August



   To access Treasury Bills Auction Results including bid-analysis for August 2014 to December 2016 click here
   To access Treasury Bills Bid Analysis Pre-August 2014, click here
   To access Treasury Bills Auction Results Pre-August 2014, click here  
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